Our Story - Go Grow Learn

 A simple concept with a simple mission: Go Grow Learn. Founded by Heather Elias a mother of four, renowned educator, influencer, and female business leader. 

As a life long member of Girl Scouts of the USA, Heather is forever grateful for the numerous scouting experiences that she believes prepared her for a lifetime of leadership. Heather has always viewed Juliette Gordon Low as a heroine, and believes that it was her experience as a Girl Scout that prepared her to meet the modern challenges as a mom with courage, confidence, and character. Heather is a recipient of the prestigious Girl Scout Gold Award. 

After leaving high school, Heather attended Arizona State University were she earned her bachelor's degree in communication and a master's degree in elementary education.  After working as a certified teacher and corporate executive, Heather took a break from the business world to spend quality time with her children. Heather's childhood was filled with educational sensory play experiences, and in turn she has created a variety of sensory play experiences for her own children. While engaging, teaching, exploring and playing with her own children, Heather began to develop her dream of creating Go Grow Learn.  Using her experience as a business leader combined with her experience as a master educator, Heather has made her products and ideas available to everyone. 

Go Grow Learn has grown from a small home concept into a leading retailer of top-quality educational and creative experiences. Each product is carefully curated with a simple emphasis on making learning fun. We supply top quality, developmentally appropriate, stimulating educational materials for children of all ages in both home schooling and traditional school environments. Our story is unique and our belief is that all children must be given the opportunity to Go Grow Learn!