Dino Zone Sensory Play Bin
Dino Zone Sensory Play Bin

Dino Zone Sensory Play Bin

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Create and dig for dinosaur bones, build a dinosaur habitat, use rocks, sticks, and flames to create a prehistoric fire! Carefully curated in our Scottsdale, Arizona studio, this creative Dino Zone Sensory Play Bin encourages brain development by naturally allowing children to play, learn, and explore using their senses.  This magnificent sensory play bin is loaded with fun learning opportunities that will completely immerse your little one and strategically encourage them to engage in valuable sensory and imaginary play. Kids enjoy using our sensory play bins for hours on end, and they incorporate a wide variety of textures, colors, and fun tools that naturally enhance both sensory development and the individual creative spirit. 

The Dino Zone Sensory Play Bin as listed includes a plastic container that is pictured allowing easy storage and cleanup. 

This kits includes:

  • Approximately 24oz green fluffy, stretchy sensory sand
  • rocks
  • sticks
  • 6 assorted dinosaurs
  • blue gems
  • silver, gold and red pipe sparkly pipe cleaners
  • plastic storage container with lid


  • Each kit is specially curated and packaged in our Scottsdale, Arizona studio. Due to high demand some pieces may vary slightly. All kits undergo our quality assurance process.
  • Warning this mix is not intended for consumption. Recommended for children over 3 years old. Parental supervision required.

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